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Garanti Stock (GARAN) Price and Chart

Garanti Stock (GARAN) Price and Chart Garanti Stock (GARAN) Price and Chart Garanti Stock Price and Chart Garanti Stock Price and Chart

Garanti Stock (GARAN) Price and Chart
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Garanti Stock (GARAN) Price and Chart

  garanti bbva   Garanti Stock (GARAN) Price and Chart It was founded in Ankara in 1946 with 103 partners. After opening his first branch, he moved his headquarters to Istanbul. It increased the number of branches to 22 in 7 years, and Koç and Sabancı groups joined the bank's largest shareholders until 1976. As of mid-2019, it has become Turkey's second largest private bank with consolidated assets exceeding TL 423 billion. It has a total of 869 branches, 861 of which are located in the country and the remaining 8 are abroad. According to the data of March 31, 2022, it provides services with foreign currency and Turkish lira accounts with more than 18,500 employees.

Garanti Organization

  1. Garanti Bank, which was established in Ankara's Anafartalar Street by traders who wanted to turn their wealth accumulations during World War II into a quality investment, opened its first branch. The Founding Capital consisted of 25,000 shares, each worth 100 liras.
Koç and Sabancı families, which own a significant portion of the rising bank, later sold their shares to Doğuş Group. The bank, which became a part of Doğuş Group in 1983, made its first public offering in 1990. It has prioritized this type of service in banking by starting the open bank application at noon. It also became the first Turkish bank to offer internet and telephone banking together by making use of technology. In 2011, a Spanish company named BBVA became a partner in the management of the bank. With this partnership, which is mutually beneficial thanks to BBVA's strong technological structure and innovation, Garanti increased its shares year by year and submitted a takeover offer in 2021.

Garanti Public Offering

Having offered its shares to the public for the first time in the Borsa Istanbul in 1990, Garanti BBVA proved to be the first Turkish company to offer its shares to international markets in 1993. It is known that the actual free float of Garanti BBVA Borsa Istanbul, whose depositary receipts are traded in the UK and the USA, is approximately 14%.  

Garanti Stock (GARAN) Price and Chart


Garanti Stock Analysis


Companies Acquired by Garanti

The Bank, which has determined its strategic partners with many profitable deals since its establishment,
  • In 1996, he bought the Ottoman Bank.
  • In 2001, the Körfez Bank merged with the Ottoman Bank, and all of these banks were collected under Garanti.
  • In 2005, he signed with General Electric and the Doğuş Group, becoming an equal strategic partner.

Garanti Company Information

  • CEO: Recep Baştuğ
  • Number of Employees: 18,500+ (2022)
  • Headquarters: Levent Nispetiye Mah. Aytar Cad. No:2 Beşiktaş 34340 Istanbul
  • Established: April 11, 1946 Industry: Banking

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