Privacy Policy

The statement below explains our attitude and understanding of the personal information we obtain about you while using (Briefly referred to as “SITE”) the website.

As ieconomy, it’s our priority to process the personal data of real persons, including our members, visitors, suppliers, and employees, by the relevant legislation and securing the rights of the persons whose data is processed.

High-level security standards are used to protect the personal information you have entered on the SITE from 3rd parties and/or organizations.


Use and Storage of Personal Information

In order to provide you with access to some services such as informational service, your personal information may be requested by the site. (Name, e-mail address, etc.) By entering your information in the relevant blank areas, you are permitting ieconomy content providers to provide the services you request.

The personal information you have entered in the SITE will not be shared with third parties, institutions, and organizations unless there is user consent and/or legal obligation. ieconomy can only share this information with the authorized person and/or institution when it is requested by the regulatory institution, legislative and executive bodies to which it is affiliated.

Except for the above conditions; If you send any inappropriate content with harassment, insult, or violence to the SITE, and this turns into a repetitive behavior, your personal data will be shared with authorized institutions/organizations and persons within the scope of legal obligations.


If You Are Under 18

If your age is 18 or younger than 18, you need to get permission from your parents or guardian before submitting your personal information to the SITE.

Without this permission, users are not allowed to submit their personal data.

All regulations mentioned above are valid only for the SITE. This SITE can provide links to different websites. In these linked websites, the relevant institution’s confidentiality agreement is essential, and it is independent of the ieconomy’s privacy policy. ieconomy is not responsible for any victimization with other websites that are navigated through advertisements, banners, and any similar content.

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