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ENS Repurchased Domain Name!

True Names Ltd, parent company of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), has regained the rights of the ENS domain name following a

ENS Repurchased Domain Name!
Yazar: Charles Porter

Yayınlanma: 21 Eylül 2022 12:05

Güncellenme: 5 Şubat 2023 16:02

ENS Repurchased Domain Name!

True Names Ltd, parent company of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), has regained the rights of the ENS domain name following a US court ruling in Arizona. True Names had previously filed a complaint against GoDaddy, a web domain name registration service. Two other companies, Dynadot and Manifold Finance, are also named in the lawsuit.

According to the details of the court's decision, the presiding judge, the Honorable John J. Tuchi, granted True Names' request for a temporary injunction in the matter. True Names had previously accused GoDaddy of wrongfully terminating its ownership of the domain name by allowing the registration to expire and preventing its predecessor from renewing the registration. Moreover, according to the plaintiff, GoDaddy then sold the domain to Dynadot. Moreover, it later sold to Manifold Finance, a DeFi aggregator. According to the court order, GoDaddy was ordered to post a bond of USD 10,000 from the plaintiff. It was also ordered not to take any action to facilitate the further sale of the domain name. A statement came from Ethereum Name Service management about the decision. 'We are happy to report that is back online. Our measure was successful and the name has been returned to us. Users will be able to continue using the service. It is also possible to continue using, an excellent community-run alternative.

What is

Ethereum Name Service names cannot be parsed like typical web pages. This means that you cannot enter an ENS name in a browser with a 'sev eth' (.eth) link. Also, if it is entered, a web page will not load. This is because ENS is not a top-level domain. The addition of a dot link (.link) will make an ENS name resolvable in a browser web page. This is also where the name comes from. All ENS users need to do is add .link to their normal ENS name. This will load a web page in any browser. These domains function as a centralized extension of the decentralized ENS service. ENS domains are a kind of crypto address that is easy to read. This distinguishes them from the usual wallet addresses used by Blockchain networks. Human-readable addresses like ENS make it easier to make crypto transactions in the east, especially for non-tech-savvy users. ENS domains are known as NFTs. They can also be traded on platforms like OpenSea. Follow Global Economic Developments on Social Media! Click here to follow Ieconomy official Facebook account! Click here to follow Ieconomy official Instagram account! Click here to follow Ieconomy official Twitter account!
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